Big Rush Durban is the tallest swing in the world (certified by The Guinness Book of records) situated at the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium in sunny Durban, South Africa. Not for the faint hearted. Big Rush is at the forefront of adventure tourism in the region and is ranked on most lists of  ‘top 5 things to do’ in and around Durban for tourists. In our opinion it ranks as “the number one thing to do in Durban” but you can be the judge of that by watching one of the clients videos below.


All Floodin clients are unique, and have their own specific set of installation and operational production requirements. Big Rush Durban would prove to be no different. We faced a tight deadline ensuring that systems were installed and operational before the peak holiday period. This would require training 7 crew members who had little to no experience in working with camera equipment or editing software on a very tight schedule, designing a client productions workflow that would fit operational requirements within a day and relying on the weather to play its part in order for us to produce the high quality template footage. Our systems would need to cater for up to hundred and fifty customers per day with intervals of fifteen minutes between groups of ten clients. We knew this would be challenging. However, when you have a professional crew with experience in turning challenges into achievements, all situations are met with a positive outlook and we had no doubt that this installation was going to be a huge success.


When dealing with tight deadlines, it is integral to have a production strategy and ensure that communication amongst crew is constant and transparent. We knew our greatest challenge would be the production of the templates before bad weather rolled in, the design of a production workflow system that would suit all operational requirements and the training of the crew. We had a precise plan and schedule lined up with each Floodin crew members roles being clearly defined. Upon arrival we were greeted with two opening days of sunshine on location which allowed us to capture the necessary footage required to produce high impact templates that would blend perfectly with client footage and provide end customers with the best possible depiction of their experience. While the template production and workflow development took place. Our crew simultaneously manners and posters plus already begun with identifying  and introduction training exercises introducing the new Floodin systems to the relevant staff. This provided us with a head start and enabled us the time for personalised individual training sessions with production crew members and brand new Floodin software features which would prove to be essential in ensuring our systems suited Big Rush Durban’s operational requirements and were functioning within the allocated deadline.


Floodin solutions proved once again to be adaptable to any environment. Big Rush Durban now has a Client production system that not only provides added revenue streams to their business but also empowers their staff, adds value to their end customers experience and ensures that their once in a lifetime experience on offer is constantly being promoted online to the relevant audiences. Sales are up, customers are smiling and we look forward to a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership with Big Rush Durban.


A huge Thanks to the whole Production Crew, Management team and board of Directors at Big Rush Durban for supporting us and having faith in our solutions. Special thanks to Tracey Ferguson for steamrolling this installation and providing constant support throughout the process. To our co-founder and general hero Christian Ullrich aka “Maestro” and the development team for being on call 24/7 in different timezones and for their dedication to our product and company. You guys proved once again as to why you are leaders in startup software development and technical support market! Thank you.  Lastly, thanks to co-founder Bridget. Who once again proved to be an inspiration on location and an invaluable asset to our ever growing  and innovative company that is Floodin Pty (ltd).

Until next time…

Lance Foster

General Manager / Founder