Tstistikamma Canopy Tours or TCT offers groups of 8 customers at a time ‘the experience of a lifetime’, sliding along steel cables between giant Yellow wood trees high above the Tsitsikamma National Park forest, surrounded by all sorts of fantastic wild life. It is quite a feeling being high up in an 300 year old giant tree looking down onto the untouched forest floor. Not only is the experience is great, but also a number of values and morals the company abides by. TCT is the largest new job creator in the eco adventure industry in the region, they have self funded the training of all staff from the local community and run all sorts of upliftment projects in the region. We are very excited and proud to work with such a benchmark in the adventure tourism industry in South Africa. 


TCT operates in the Tsitsikamma National Park which is located roughly 2kms from their offices, where clients arrive, are briefed and are kitted up. The problem from a client media production perspective is how to film a full group of clients, capturing shots of each individual in the group and get that footage back to an editing room in order to process the footage and provide each customer with a Group video depicting the entire groups experience + photographs + a Personal video depicting only the individual clients experience and have that video uploaded online with a link being sent to the client via sms and email to their personal video and picture before the client has finished their complimentary meal after the trip.  I know the above is hard to follow, so we will put it like this. During peak season there are groups of 8-9 people going out every 30minutes from 6am to 6pm. Our systems needed to make sure that every single client would be able to receive a Group video of 5-10minutes long, A Personal video and photographs + an sms and email to the personal video and pictures uploaded online. Not an easy task when you consider the logistics involved and the number of clients you would need to cater to every day! 


We developed a client number footage system that enables the individual clients footage to be identified and selected without hours spent matching faces and names, thus enabling the individual client to receive a video and picture of his or her’s personal experience uploaded online and onto a  usb before they leave the premises. By the time groups return from the activity a group video showing the entire group plays in the restaurant area while clients enjoy their meal. Before the client leaves they receive a usb stick with the group video, photographs of the entire experience + a personal video. While the blood is still pumping from their ‘once in a lifetime experience’, they receive a sms and email with a link to their uploaded video online. From there they are able to share that experience with all of their friends and family world wide via social media. Its powerful stuff from an online marketers perspective!


The TCT Staff have been trained and empowered in the art of media production and sales. Media sales figures have increased, customers are enjoying more value for their money and TCT are enjoying more customer engagement and insight into furture and existing clients on social media then they have ever experienced in the past. From our side, we’ve have learnt from a number of challenges faced installing solutions for TCT which have helped us moving forward with some improvements to our solutions being made along the way. TCT Floodin client production solutions are a success and subsequently we have installed similar systems at Canopy Tour South Africas Magaliesberg branch. To give you an example of the power and scope our solutions provide as a online marketing tool, Take a look at what one clients post received Organically within just a few hours of her leaving TCT premises! Its media marketing magic!


Another proud moment for us here at Floodin seeing our clients being rewarded for having faith in our solutions and service. We look forward to supporting TCT as we move further into the digital age with new product features coming soon and nurturing our business relationship as we progress together. A huge shout out to all Floodin crew involved in this project and the professionalism showed by everyone throughout installation.  Last but not least a HUGE Thank you to the Canopy Tour Directors Mrs Anneline Wyatt, Mr Mark Brown and Mr Ashley Wentworth and all the staff from the restaurant to the guides for believing in our solutions and product. We appreciate the oppurtunity and look forward to the future with you guys. 


Lance Foster

General Manager  


+27 79 340 0902