Cape Canopy Tours

Cape Canopy Tours nestled high up in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, an hour from Cape Town gives new meaning to the phrase “a once in a lifetime experience.”  If the rarely set foot upon mountain range views on the 35min+ adventure 4×4 ride don’t get you excited, we guarantee that the moment your feet leave platform one you most certainly will be. We could write 10 paragraphs filled with thousands of words describing why and what makes this activity a ‘must do’ for any tourist but we will keep it simple and just say – Get there and experience it! There is nothing like it on the continent!


A 35min+ drive up and over a few mountains to the first platform where you slide your way across the gorges and extreme waterfalls to the last platform. You then leisurely hike out and begin your 4×4 drive down to the reception to enjoy your well deserved and scrumptious meal. Why am I mentioning all of this you, you might ask? Its simple really. A serious challenge when it comes to producing videos of your clients on time, every time. Think about this:  A Group of 9 customers on a +/- 3 – 4 hour ‘once in a lifetime experience’ being filmed by their guide (who’s primary concern is safety and ensuring you have a great time); The footage coming down the mountain at the same time as the group; each client being required to receive a personal video depicting their experience on the mountain before they had finished eating their meal! To add to the challenge in creating a smooth workflow. There was the 27 staff members to empower with training in videography, software and editing.

So basically. How do you ensure Guides can focus on safety 100% during the activity while still capturing clients personal experiences and guarantee clients will receive their videos online before they leave the premises? Add one more thing to that – Cape Canopy Tours caters to 150 people a day during busy periods. Thats 150 videos filmed, edited, uploaded and sent to clients on the spot! We knew this one was going to be difficult. But with the support of the entire team and directors we knew our solutions could stand up to the challenge.


At first we explored a number of options: Wirelessly sending footage down the mountain. It wouldn’t work without costing an arm and a leg. Then FPV footage shot by clients themselves? Again, it wouldn’t work. You would face a mountain of footage to edit in order to find the key shots to upload. In the end we developed a system whereby guides could film clients individually without needing to hold the camera for every shot. We trained the staff to capture shots according to a numbered shot-list which enables them to identify individual clients footage without having to preview each clip, thus saving loads of crucial time when the footage arrives back at the base. Our automated editing, uploading and sharing basically took care of the rest. Its Floodin and its proven to work and perform under even under the most extreme pressures and list of specific requirements.


Without the support, confidence and trust of the directors Ryan, Tamaryn, Mark and Ashley our installation at CCT would not have been possible. To train 27 members of staff is a feat in itself and was a first for the Floodin installation team.  A huge thanks to the entire staff (of whom there are too many to mention) who were patient and resilient under extreme pressure. Cape Canopy Tours is, and will forever be on our list of toughest installations but also on our list of best places or operations to visit and to have had the honour of installing systems. The beauty of the place and the people involved, no words could truly describe or give justice to.  We would urge everyone to get down to Cape Canopy Tours in Elgin Valley as soon as you can. It’s an experience with a little bit of help from Floodin you will never forget. Special mention to our partner Guilherme Messi whom without we would not have survived! Its great to know we have the best on our team. Also to Graham and Ida for bringing us loads of joy throughout our time in the beautiful Elgin Valley. 

Please do yourselves a favour and visit and get there as soon as you can. 

Lance Foster