Magaliesberg Canopy Tour


Magaliesberg Canopy Tours (MCT) is roughly an 1hour 30mins from Johannesburg and is a ‘must do’ adventure activity for tourists in the region. The operation is located in the second oldest mountain range in the world, Magaliesberg Mountain range. Not only is the activity a thrill of a lifetime as you slide along steel cables across the most beautiful gorge surrounded by animals (its located in a game reserve) but the Magaliesberg guides, production team and general staff are some of the most professional and proud employees we have ever worked with. A class act in the world of adventure tourism operations and we are privileged to have been given the chance to work with such a fun loving and passionate team. 


Magaliesberg Canopy Tour supports the whole community with employment, training and various community upliftment projects. Lets just say if these guys weren’t around there would be a lot of young, up and coming underprivileged community members sitting without jobs. This is fact. Another fact, is that the majority of under privileged community members have no computer skills (entirely due to external circumstances). Magaliesberg Canopy Tours were clear in that they wanted up to 10 staff members to be empowered and trained in order to fill roles within the media production department. A fantastic oppurtunity for their staff to be empowered but also a challenge to face for the Floodin team. Magaliesberg operates as mentioned in a game reserve roughly 5kms drive from the client kit up area. Groups of up to 8 clients are driven through the reserve to the lines whereby they slide down 10 cables across the Gorge. Videographers capture images and film of clients along the first 5 slides and then hike up the gorge and make there way back to editing room to begin post production in order to have the clients media package ready in a very tight timeframe. Our challenge was to insure that each group would be able to watch their group video including footage of the 5 last slides in the restaurant before they returned + that each client would receive a personal video of their experience and pictures on a usb stick with a link sent via sms and email before it was time to go. Now think about this. 5kms from where the footage is being captured, 30minutes before your group of clients return, 1 group video 5-10minutes long exported, 8 personal videos exported and pictures uploaded online and sent to customers not even mentioning the group video playing  in the restaurant. This was our biggest challenge. The timeframe and logistical nightmares from a media production point of view.   Adding to that was the fact that clients switched order along the lines which made it very difficult to use our numbered system developed for TCT prior to MCT. Magaliesberg CT was going to be a challenge and a huge learning curve for us.


Floodin systems to put it simply but in actual fact it was more than that. We worked extremely closely with the dedicated management team of Mr Baum, Phillip, Natalie and the crew . Due to this and the fact that the Magaliesberg team are extremely dedicated, driven and excited about the impact these systems would make, transformed every challenge into a positive learning experience from which a solution was always found. A system was developed that identified the individual clients and a unique shot-list and template was produced to cater for the extra slides. Training was provided to the reception staff, pro guides, management team and safety guides which included : Product knowledge, system workflow, sales techniques and production skills.We provided both practical and theoretical training and production staff were examined on both.  By providing this extra training and empowerment to the entire staff force we were able to ensure that the intended workflow and systems would run smoothly on a continual basis.  Floodin is the solution when it comes to client media production and our systems had once again proved it.


Magaliesberg Canopy Tours media sales have increased! (Don’t take our word for it. Contact MCT directly and ask them). There already great social media marketing campaign saw a tremendous organic boost in engagement and impressions. MCT customers have been appreciating and enjoying the added value our solutions have provided to their overall experience. The result has been a huge boost in online brand traction which has turned into an increase in feet through the door and over all sales in general.


Once again Floodin solutions have proved to be a success in transforming customers experiences into viral marketing success! We are proud in our service, we are passionate about what we do and we are so appreciative to have the oppurtunity to learn and work with and from such a dedicated team at Magaliesberg Canopy Tours. A huge thanks to Bridget O’Connell our Admin and office manager who pulled out all the stops to make this installation a success and Mark Brown, Mr Derek Baum, Phillip Du Plessis and Natalie Du Plessis for allowing us this fantastic oppurtunity. We are excited about what is on its way!

Til next time……

Lance Foster

General Manager

079 340 0902