The key elements of an effective video marketing campaign and why your customer videos are the most effective!

Fresh Video content. Every customer’s experience with you is unique. Although the videos might be familiar to you, they are always unique to your customer and their online audience. That means every customer you provide an experience to, is an opportunity to produce fresh video content of the highest caliber. Think about it. How often can you afford to produce a VR or promo video? This is fresh video content on tap without the hole your pocket.

Authentic video content. What is more authentic than a customer’s real life experience? Capture their personal experience on video and you have something that not even the best movie director in the business can produce. Real and raw emotion!  You don’t find more authentic video content online than that.

Shareable video content.  With video editing solutions being developed specifically for tourism operators, videos are being distributed automatically to customer’s mobile’s where they can those videos on social media with one click. If you just had the best time of your life, wouldn’t you want to share it? Customers are sharing what they had for breakfast on social media, imagine what they’ll do with a video of themselves river rafting or one of the many other amazing adventures provided by tourism operators.

Targeted video content. Who are your customers most likely to share their experience videos with?  Family and friends every time guaranteed! How is that targeted? People are friends with each other not because they share the same hair style or eye color. People become and stay friends because they share the same interests, desires, hobbies and are often attracted to the same activities.  Your customer videos are being viewed and shared by potential customers who fit your perfect target customer profile.  No other video content guarantees you that kind of targeted exposure.

Measurable video content. Thanks to personalized video portal pages where adventure customers view, download and share their videos. You can easily track just how much traction and engagement you are getting from your videos. Align your personalized portal page with current campaigns, customize banners and more. It’s more measurable and customizable than any other form of video content you can produce. 

Cost Effective Content. Thanks to the wonderful times we live in, where a quality camera won’t cost you deposit on a house and innovative video editing and sharing solutions like Floodin are simplifying video post-production. The process of providing your customers with great videos that they can share has never been more accessible and cost effective for tourism operators than it is right nowd

So, there you have it. That is why your customers are the biggest trend in online tourism video marketing for 2019 and beyond…….. 


Some Qs&As that might help clarify a few things if you want to know more.

Q- Is this just another blog trying to sell a product listing facts without proof or is there data available that proves the impact from customer videos in a marketing strategy?
A – Click here to view a search on Facebook using one of our clients tags. Scroll down and see which videos are being shared. To answer the first part of the question. Of course we are promoting Floodin. But it’s real and it works.

Q – I have never filmed before and neither have my guides. How do I start capturing footage of my customers?
A – There are several options and simple solutions when it comes to capturing quality footage of your customer’s experience. Floodin supports operators in all aspects of video production from work flow to equipment and understands each operators requiremnets are unique.  Try Floodin for Free

Q – What about Editing and Distribution? Doesn’t that take a lot of time, skill and extra staff?
A – Floodin video software enables you to simply drag and drop both video and photos into the app and the rest is taken care of. Your customer receives their video / photos on their mobile phone before they leave the premises and can share it instantly. Its simple, easy to use and requires no previous knowledge of video editing to master. Watch the short explainer video below or book a demo to see it live.

Q – Can I generate extra revenue from video / photo sales?
A – Sell as an added extra or provide as a value add for marketing purposes. The choice is yours. With Floodin there are onsite and online sales options and subscriptions for those who provide it as a value add only.

Q – Is it expensive producing customer videos?
A – There is no setup fee, no need for USB sticks and based on a 100% transactional pricing model. You pay out as you sell. No subscription fees and no contracts.

Q – Ok im interested, what next?
A –  Sign up for a free trial

Reap the rewards of the biggest trend in online tourism video marketing for 2019!