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Adventure tourism can be a volatile business- the pandemic, weather disturbances, and other factors can influence your sales per month. With our commission-based pricing you only pay when you earn.


How many guests do you service a year?

What % of your guests would buy videos or photos?

How much would you charge for guests videos or photos?

What % of revenue would the guide / photographer get?

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    0 sales (On Site)x R 500 price per sale= R 0 revenue- R 0 Floodin fee= R 0 photographer commission= R 0 your profit


How much can I charge for video and photo packages?
The average retail price for a video photo package of a guests experience is around R250, but depends on the activity type and the quality of the end product. The better the quality of the video and photos and the more difficult it is for the guest to capture the moment themselves the higher the accepted price.
If guests pay online, how do I get paid out?
You are paid out on the 1st of each month via EFT into the bank details you have specified in your account settings. You receive a full report of all sales.
Can I track sales in the app?
You can monitor sales KPI's (key performance indicators) such as albums created, guests added and sales made in your Analytics dashboard.
Can I adjust the price of videos and photos at anytime?
Yes, at anytime you are able to adjust the price of your video photo packages in your shop settings however all albums created prior to the change will be priced at the rate set when they were created.
How do guests pay for their videos and photos?
Guests can pay you onsite or preview and pay online. Either Onsite payments - You can pre-sell to your guests or display a preview to them and collect payment at your point of sale. Or Online payments - Guests are sent an email with a link to your branded preview page where they can preview and purchase their video and photos using their visa, mastercard and amex card or paypal.
Is there a free trial?
Yes. You have 7 days and up to 50 albums to test Thereafter standard fees are charged.
Another question?
Please reach out to us on +27 79 340 0902 or email us at

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